Memory is a Minefield. The art of re-enactment

Video of the Lecture by Lola Arias at King’s College. Organised by Research @ Central; Central School of Speech and Drama. This video is part of a series of short videos for Research @ Central by POPklik.

Can art be a way to revive the past? A means to represent memories and make present what is lost somewhere in our heads? Lola Arias has been working for more than ten years on interdisciplinary projects, using theatre, film and visual arts to explore the relationship between experience and narration, memory and fiction, personal history and a country’s history. In this lecture, she will provide an overview of her most recent productions in order to examine how writing can be produced that departs from real histories, what the relationship between the self-narrator and the artist is created through this kind of theatre, and, above all, what collateral effects these projects have on life and vice-versa.

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