Chillida On Miro

POPklik’s Elisa Fonta latest photographic work for the ABC Spanish newspaper.

Pilar Ordovas Gallery (London) recreates the friendship between the painter (Miro) and the sculptor Eduardo Chillida. His son and grandson of Ignacio Miró recall their summers together in France, and the spirit of harmony and collective effort of that generation….



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“Miró was a fantastic person, his work inspires an unusual feeling. Everyone has always noticed him because of colour, but I look at the drawings of Miró. The drawings are very important, all the curved lines were always convex, never concave. This was an important problem: I drew concave lines and his were convex. He changed my way of looking at the line and space.” (Eduardo Chillida, quoted in Sculpture Magazine, November 1997, vol. 16, no. 9)