POPklik offers a variety of services and packages, and we have created video, photography and (web)design for all types of events from theatre, dance performances and festivals, to corporate events and conferences.

POPklik is a dynamic pool, a collective of freelancers offering their services either individually or as a team. With backgrounds in photography, design and filmmaking, we work closely with clients to discover just what they need. Here at POPklik we go that extra mile to put the right team together, to create a bespoke package specifically for you.

Have a browse through our standard packages (below) for some inspiration.


As well as our resident creatives POPklik has a host of other artistic geniuses ready and waiting to POP together in to the perfect team for your project!

Not to show off…but here some examples of amazing work from the POPklik team: London Spanish Film Festival, IE & Wayra, Furtherfield Gallery, David Hoskings languages (under construction), Sphinx Theatre Company, Furtherfield Gallery and many more…

POPklik is associated of Completely Naked artistic partnership, specialized in audiovisual, performance and live art interactive installations.

Please contact us to enquire about your project.

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