STORM; Physical Theatre Show

POPKLIK photographer Pau Ros has been following the workshops leading to this physical theatre production; here you can see the images of the final show!

STORM is a new physical theatre and music production inspired by The Tempest written by Rosanna Lowe, devised by the company and designed by Paddy Molloy under the directing eye of Anna-Helena McLean.

This theatrical production from ACT was presented at:
Gallery 223, 137-139 Lower Marsh, SE1 7AE
17 July – 20 July 2014

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ACT (ACTOR-CHORUS-TEXT) is an original approach to generating ensemble theatre productions that symbiotically interweave music, movement and poetry in telling stories, while reinventing the given spatial location.Under the umbrella of Moon Fool, ACT has been conceived and developed by emerging international director-practitioner from the UK, Anna-Helena McLean.

STORM is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s the Tempest in an encounter with today’s world of climate change.
Set in a bunker, threatened by the storms of climate change, audiences take refuge with Moon Fool’s international company of 4 soloists and chorus in a powerhouse of total theatre that recreates Shakespeare’s The Tempest for a contemporary state of mind. Supported by a 15 strong community chorus, audiences are swept up by original live music and strong physicality on a journey to encounter a changing world, evoked by flickering visual landscapes and rhythmically charged new writing. This stellar collaboration of multi-skilled performers meets design and climate research to conjure a white-knuckle ride of cathartic immersion, stunning spectacle and breathtaking beauty.

Storm’ is an extraordinary production that fuses music, text and physicality into a powerful, provocative treatment of The Tempest. Moving through the highly atmospheric spaces of Gallery 223, the performers draw the audience into a world where wildness beats against the surface calm, just barely controlled by Prospero’s ‘magic’. The performances are energised, focused and passionate, the direction and staging are original and imaginative. I was wholly absorbed from beginning to end”. Jackie Smart
Head of Drama, Kingston University

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